About us

Who are we? Who are we and what are we doing?

The company DentVisionTeam was created at the beginning of 2018. in order to unite and expand the team of professionals and technicians who are professionally engaged in PDR technology (dredging without dying).

Until the founding of the company, our long experience in the field brought us, as well as the idea to meet the expectations of every client.

Uniting staff into a unified structure allows us to do this by providing the full range of PDR services. PDR services.

The main priority of DentVisionTeam is the quality of work.

To that end, we have created a team of trained and highly qualified technicians who do not compromise on this.

What are our main goals?


The goal we aim for is to satisfy your wishes! An optimal result can only be achieved if the work is done by specialists who have taken professionalism and the right attitude!

That is why our team constantly refines and builds on its previous experience and knowledge about PDR technology. PDR - technology.

But we are aware that professional qualifications are not the only factor that will make people who enjoy our services happy.

Trust and loyalty is the foundation on which we build our work!

The lack of sufficient information on this specific activity in Bulgaria greatly limits the choices - how, where and for how long your vehicle will be repaired.

That is why one of our goals is to promote the PDR technology, services and overall activity among the potential clients on the Bulgarian market. This will expand your choices and make an informed decision when you need to repair your car.

More about PDR - the technology you can read here.


We will explain everything around your workflow! You will not be ignorant of what is happening with your car. We will offer you options and recommendations for best results.

For us the honesty in our customer relationship is as important as for you! We know that people who use car repair services have to trust almost blindly when negotiating their terms and conditions. This applies to the whole process - from the damage assessment to the transmission of the vehicle in its finished form. DentVisionTeam strives to build professional relationships, but with sufficient transparency so that the customer has no doubts that he is making the right decision. You can count on our team of specialists ready to explain at each stage of the work. Checking the damage is done by a specialist and in your presence! During this procedure, you will receive a reasoned and objective assessment, as well as a competent assessment of the extent to which damage is recoverable and what method would be most appropriate in the specific case. If the damage permits different variants, you will be able to explain the technology to each of them. All this will help you make your choices more relaxed and, above all, get to know and understand why today PDR technology is the most sought after method of work. With interest, we are ready to demonstrate on the spot the method and steps through which this type of repair is performed. This will give you a clearer idea of how we work and why correctness is important to us. Your wish is our goal!