DentVisionTeam provides you with a convenient opportunity!

The service will help you save what is valuable today for all of us - time!

What do we offer?

If you need to inspect, evaluate and / or repair your vehicle, we will send an authorized technician to your designated location. This means that you will not have to personally engage in a specialist visit to a specialist service. Or, in other words, the end of the service, queuing and the transfer of a specialist to a specialist!

It is advisable to call in advance in order to save time in our PDR center, which will save you unnecessary waiting for a free technician.

What should you do?

Just contact us!

DentVisionTeam technicians and specialists are available to negotiate the specific service. They will explain the necessary working conditions. This is particularly important when the service is related to a repair.

Correctness is paramount in our work and the provision of a high-quality professional service is a top priority. That is why we have to observe certain working conditions. This requires the room you have specified to carry out the repair of your vehicle to be approved by our technician. If we consider that the conditions are not responsible for performing a quality repair, you do not have a suitable place, it should not bother you! DentVisionTeam is back with a solution! We will take your car and make the PDR repair in our service. Many of our customers have already appreciated the convenience of this service!

The biggest advantage of this technology is that it keeps the original paint of the car, which allows it to retain its value in comparison with a repaired one. If we also add time and money savings, it's clear why PDR is one of the most wanted and used technologies in the world of auto repairs.

Last but not least, it is important to note that this is not just a high-quality method of work but also the most environmentally friendly! It avoids contamination with harmful vapors from paint and fine dust particles!


Repair in our center. Mobile repair in a convenient place for the client
Your car will be reviewed and evaluated by our specialist technician.
Bulgaria, Sofia city, Samokovsko shose str.1 (between 7th and 11th KM)
Monday - Saturday: 09:00 – 19:00h