Introducing courses for damage calculation

Introducing courses for damage calculation

DentVisionTeam, in partnership with DentCircleTools, offers training with a different focus on PDR services.

The courses are designed for all those looking for development in a new profession, as well as the opportunity to change their standard of living!

Self-assessors and insurance experts, as well as car dealers, can benefit from this course. Through it, all those interested in the PDR method will have the opportunity to enrich and build on their knowledge and skills.

The training presents the specificity and methodology of performing a view when counting the recesses before initiating the PDR - repair.

 Demonstrate and explain the types of dents in different details in order to acquire skills for assessing the allowable degrees of damage that can be repaired by PDR technology

The accurate judgment of the hail damage before repair

Optimal strategy through the whole working process on the vehicle

A two-day course for 8 hours a day


Price: 1000 BGN


Introducing courses for damage calculation

DentVisionTeam remains available for any questions before, during and even after completing the courses. We can support you in the venture!